3 Tips to breakup with your boss and still work together amicably

If you thought dating a co-worker was tricky terrain, you must think again. For nothing quite prepares you for the professional and ethical mess you step into when you date your boss. Whether it’s just your manager, a superior or the CEO, such a relationship can propose a wide array of problems. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a way to end things with your boss on a good note, then read on. Here are three tips to breakup with your boss and still work together amicably.

  1. Time it well

You may think that there is never a good time to breakup with someone. But when it is your boss, you must make sure you do not do it on their birthday or right before your appraisal or promotion. Make sure you don’t breakup just before he or she steps into a meeting or is about to make an important presentation as well.

dating your boss

  1. Give them a reasonable explanation

Everyone needs closure and they only get this when you can be honest about your feelings and the real reason for the breakup. No one likes being lied to, so be candid as far as possible and don’t blame them for the end of the relationship. Rather than keeping things vague, offer a good explanation on why it can’t work out. This way, they know what not to do in their next relationship.

date your boss

  1. Do it away from the office

When you ask them to meet you for this conversation, choose to do it away from the office if possible. Breakups can be emotional. You do not want them begging you to reconsider or tearing up at the workplace, so pick a spot where they have the privacy they need to grieve in peace.

The only thing you must be mindful of is to not offer them your friendship at the end. Doing so makes them hang on to the hopes of being with you again someday. Since you work together you will already be spending time together invariably, so keep it cordial so you can be professional at all times.

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