Capricorn to Sagittarius: 4 Zodiac signs who always blame themselves just for the sake of sympathy

Some people just want to gain centre stage in every situation and scenario and for that, they can literally do anything. Like. Anything! These people have deep-seated insecurities and they are quite anxious that no one truly cares about them, therefore, they just adore everyone’s sympathy and even if they have to blame themselves for that, they won’t bow down. Low self-esteem can be a huge cause of such a personality trait and right from friends, peers to even partners- such beings never shy away from taking all the blame on themselves just to get compassion and kindness from others. Here is a list of zodiac signs who always blame themselves just for the sake of sympathy.


Though Capricorns are gentle and friendly, they can fake a scenario and take the blame onto them so that they can get caring words from their loved ones. They sometimes do so to make the other person bow down since they can’t stand being off-beam in an argument or confrontation. People with this zodiac sign can even twist the facts just so they do not lose face.



Geminis love the limelight and want to be the centre of everyone’s attention. They poke others and blame themselves and get all emotional so that people come and console them while they become a topic of everyone’s chit-chat. They want that that extra dose of pampering along with the unnecessary drama and for this, they can effortlessly pin-point fault in themselves.



Scorpions are self-centred people who are quite selfish and only think about their reputation. Moreover, these beings are passionate and emotional and they don’t want to show this to others therefore they lie or take the blame on themselves so that they can get the sympathy of others.



People with this zodiac sign just want to safeguard their image. Sagittarius beings are open liars and once someone found out about their lies, they story tell them and take the blame on themselves to create a sentimental scenario: this way they never have to put their step back, win the squabbles and defend themselves like a pro!

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.


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