Choti Sarrdaarni, 10 February 2022, Written Update: Khushi and Devika become partners in crime

In today’s episode, Harleen informs the family that Dolly had sent a message telling her she had left the house. Devika recalls that she locked Dolly in a room and messaged Harleen from her phone. Seher asks Rajveer to call Dolly, but she doesn’t pick up. Harleen accuses Kulwant of hurting Dolly and doubts her while Devika feels safe. Later, Devika offers food to Dolly, but she denies eating spicy food and warns that her family will find her and put the former’s family behind the bars. Seher hears Dolly’s voice and enters the room, however, Devika quickly hides Dolly and says she was talking to her sick mother. Arjit suggests killing Dolly, to which Devika says she will give it a thought.

Seher feels worried for Dolly while Rajveer feeds her. Seeing this, Khushi gets jealous and asks Rajveer to feed her as well. Seher tries to feed Khushi, but she leaves. Seher tells Rajveer not to do anything, which makes him feel uncomfortable. He decides to apologise to Khushi and goes to her room with Seher. He notices Khushi has set his picture in her phone’s wallpaper. Seher reminds Khushi to send the event’s photographs to help her find Prince’s dad.

Elsewhere, Dolly manages to untie the rope and runs outside the room. Devika follows her with a knife, catches her, and locks her inside a wardrobe. Khushi witnesses this and threatens Devika stating she will expose her. However, Devika turns the table by blackmailing Khushi, saying she knows her secret.

Devika says she knows Khushi loves Rajveer and wants to separate him from Seher. Devika and Khushi decide to shake hands and agree to keep Dolly hostage. Khushi requests Devika and Arjit to create a fake photograph to prove that she had a one-night stand with Rajveer. Devika agrees and says she has one more great strategy for Valentine’s Day, which will make Seher believe that Rajveer is Prince’s dad.

We watched this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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