Discover how long it takes to love your partner in an arranged marriage

India is a country where a majority of marriages are still arranged, as opposed to being built on mutual love. Hence, one does wonder at what point love enters the equation between the bride and groom. While some engaged couples date, in other societies it is still frowned upon for the couple to meet extensively before being wed. So, while the plus is blessings from your families, social and financial security; the down side is that you may not yet love the person you are marrying. Read on to discover how long it might take you to fall for them.

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The timing is relative

Living with someone you barely know can be a formidable ordeal. Yet, not everyone has quite the same experience in such marriages. While some are instantly attracted to their spouse after they move in, others take months or even years at times to come to love them. Nevertheless, most people agree that it is never a planned endeavour.

A considerate spouse can make you fall in love swiftly

While society expects you to consummate the marriage on the wedding night, some couples are more liberal about such notions. They decide to wait until their spouse feel safer and more comfortable with them. Extending such consideration to your wife could help her realise how much you care for her. This could be just one step in the right direction and ensure that she eventually falls for you.

arranged match and love

Some couples use intimacy to speed up feelings

There are certain couples who would rather not wait to catch feelings for their partners. Hence, they choose to speed up attraction by igniting intimacy between them. While it can bring you closer in some cases, it can also bring you an unplanned baby, which can really test your relationship. Having a child too early in the marriage can be disastrous if you lack the social and fiscal support you need to rear your offspring.

It is always best to graduate to intimacy after you are certain your partner reciprocates the love you have in your heart for them.

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