Easy lower abs workout exercises to strengthen core

Who does not want a slim and sexy belly? Well, in the pursuit of the same, you must have explored the whole internet and made pointers many times but wouldn’t seriously stay on track because of a complex workout routine. Strengthening the core does not require stuffing your workout routine with a plethora of exercises. All it needs is some simple exercises, consistency and a well-planned diet and it will definitely chop-chop that extra fat from your belly while tightening your abdominal structure. A stomach workout is just not restricted to providing belly benefits but a toned core improves torso stabilization and even improvises respiratory function while keeping the hip and knee injuries at bay. Here we bring you 4 simple lower abs workouts that will assist in bidding adieu to the excess belly fat.

Leg drops

Leg drops is a great exercise to burn abdominal fat that strengthens your lower abs, and aid in core stability while solidifying your lower back. It prepares the body to stay stable and strengthens abdomen muscles while improvising the overall posture. Keep the intensity minimal if you are a beginner and reap the maximum benefits. You can also try half-leg drops if you are unable to perform the full-leg version.

Mountain climbers

Mountain climbing is a killer exercise to get your core moving and burn extra pounds. This exercise not only works on the abdominal muscles but also strengthens your shoulders and arms while revving up your heartbeat and becoming a great cardio exercise. Mountain climbers improve flexibility and add up upper body strength. Just keep the movements slow and controlled for effective results.

Mountain Climbers

Scissor kicks

The scissor kick exercise not only strengthens your core muscles but also works on your glutes, quads and adductors. It engages the muscles of your core but makes you flutter your legs up and down. Slow and steady movements are required for the ultimate results.

Reverse crunches

The traditional abdominal crunch is further transformed into multiple variations and one of the most common ones is the reverse crunch exercise. While doing this, contract your abs and bring your closer to your chest and keep your upper body on the mat. This movement works on the entire rectus abdominis muscle and works on your lower abdomen muscles. With bodyweight moves, this is one of the best exercises for any core workout.

Reverse Crunches

A flat core requires a consistent workout! Do incorporate the above-mentioned exercises in your routine for effective results.


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