Notable Indian Celebrities who died in 2021

Notable Indian Celebrities who died in 2021
Notable Indian Celebrities who died in 2021

The Indian film and television industry lost some of its gems in 2021 Sirivennela Seetharamasastry, Chandrasekhar Srivastava, Dilp Kumar, Jayanthi, SP Jananathan, Sivasankar Master and many celebrities left a void in the Indian entertainment industry. Here is a look back at all the stars who passed away this year.

Sirivennela Seetharamasastry : Death date  30th November 2021

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Chandrasekhar Srivastava :  Death date 6th February 2021

Satish Kaul:  Death date 10th April 2021

Rajiv Kapoor :  Death date 9th February, 2021

Sashikala Saigal:  Death date 4th April, 2021

Abhilasha Patil :  Death date 4th May 2021

Rinku Singh Nikumbh:  Death date  2nd June 2021

Vivek :  Death date 17 April 2021

 Venkat Subha :  Death date 29 May 2021

Raj Kaushal: Death date 30th June 2021

 Dilip Kumar: Death date 7th July 2021

Bikramjeet Kanwarpal: Death date 1st May 2021

Rinku Singh Nikumbh  : Death date 2nd June 2021

Jayanthi :  Death date 26 July 2021

Pandu:  Death date 6 May 2021

Abhilasha Patil: Death date 4th May 2021

Shravan Rathod: Death date 23rd April 2021

SP Jananathan :  Death date 14 March 2021

 Nitish Veera:  Death date 17 May 2021

Ananda Kannan :  Death date   16 August 2021

 RSG  Chelladurai :  Death date  29 April 2021

Chithra:  Death date 21 August 2021

Kishore Nandlaskar : Death date 20th April  2021

Sidharth Shukla: Death date 2nd September 2021

Uma Maheshwari :  Death date 17 October 2021

Alexandra Djav:  Death date 19 August  2021

Raja Babu:  Death date 25th October , 2021

Puneet Rajkumar :  Death date 29th October 2021

Vennelakanti : Death date 5th January 2021

 Sivasankar Master: Death date 28th November 2021

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