Sagittarius to Taurus: 4 Zodiac signs who never make any effort to tackle relationship woes

Some people just don’t go out of their way to combat the squabbles or problems of relationships.  No matter how much they love their partner, such personality traits of them always make them hard to deal with and can stand in the way of happily ever after. These people literally do not care about the feelings of others and never involve themselves in the emotional clutter as they like to go with the flow. No matter, how many times their partner opens up about their feelings, these people never tackle them and completely ignore them. Be it communication problems, overlove, jealousy, or anything, these people never put a step forward in solving their relationship problems, consequently, turn out to be terrible at maintaining their relationship and making their love affair awful. Taking hints about the personality of such people by diving into their astrological waters can save you both from frustration and an unhappy relationship. Here is a list of 4 zodiac signs who never make any effort to tackle relationship woes. 


Sagittarius beings love to go out and make new friends every day and being such a wanderer by nature, they give a wrong picture of their personality to their lovers. These people love to live freely and therefore they don’t have time to pay heed to the emotional side of their partner. They can easily ignore the sentiments or things of their better half and even if they are completely in love, they often take their lover for granted and that is why it can be overwhelming to be in a relationship with them.




Though Geminis are prominent for their talking personality, these people never initiate conversations or make any move to know what’s going on in their partner’s heart. They sometimes get so involved in speaking their heart out loud that they forget to pay heed to what their partner wants to say, as a result, this leads to bad communication and emotional clutter. No matter, how many times their partner reveals the problems of the relationship, people with this zodiac sign never want to explore that side of the relationship where they have to fight to solve relationship anguishes.




When in relationships, Scorpions become dominating and only want that their partner listens and do whatever they say. They overlove a person but they completely forget to understand them or their problems and therefore, their partner chooses to split up. With their unnecessary overthinking, they end up fighting a lot in the relationship while trolling it to an extent where love and sentiments take termination.




People with this zodiac sign are quite demanding and their nature is extremely stubborn: this attitude often makes them unable to see the problems in the connection with their partner. Taurus believes in the concept of “my way or the highway” and they are usually not very compromising in nature. Moreover, Taurans never agree with anyone which becomes the reason for arguments in a relationship and they often end up taking exits.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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