Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, 10 February 2022, Written Update: Akshara doubts Abhimanyu’s love

In today’s episode, Anisha dives into the lake, and Abhimanyu jumps after her to save her life. Neil yells at Kairav and asks what he told Anisha, to which Kairav says his intention was not to hurt her. Abhimanyu rests Anisha’s head on his shoulder while Akshara watches them from afar. She feels shocked and steps back from the scene.

She reaches to Aarohi and hugs her, saying she saw Abhimanyu with Anisha and feels scared. Aarohi asks her not to panic and suggests resting at home. Abhimanyu crosses by Akshara but can’t see her. As Aarohi and Akshara drive back home, Kairav joins them. Aarohi tells him that Akshara saw Abhimanyu with Anisha. Kairav informs the same to Abhimanyu that his girlfriend has already seen him holding Anisha.

Elsewhere, Harsh scolds Manjari for not convincing Abhimanyu to join Birla hospital. Mahima and Anand agree and add that he should not ruin his career. Harsh threatens Manjari that he will do something unexpected if Abhimanyu doesn’t listen to his dad. After learning that Mr. Badnani has canceled a huge deal with him, Manish worries that he may have to face losses. Akshara thinks that she almost lost Abhimanyu for confusion the last time, and this should not repeat. Abhimanyu works out in his room and feels disturbed thinking about what he would explain to Akshara. The latter climbs to Abhimanyu’s window and calls him out.

He asks why she is pulling dangerous stunts, to which Akshara says only she will ask questions today. He doesn’t leave her hand, pulls clothes using his legs, and climbs down with her. She rides the bike while Abhimanyu hugs her from behind and says if she wants to know the truth, she should take him to an address. They enter a house and find girl’s clothes and accessories all over the sofa. Akshara asks whose house is this. She says she never doubts Abhimanyu’s love, but she wants to know why he looks so tense these days.

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